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'Old Hume Highway 31' is an organisation bringing together all of the bypassed communities along the entire length of the Old Hume Highway to form a single cohesive marketing structure. As a non profit body it is dedicated to increasing the tpublic's awareness and usage of the Old Hume Highway. Further to acquiring the Federal, State, Local, Commercial and Private support necessary to preserve the history, the historic roads, landmarks, the regional and cultural communities and lifestyles along the Old Hume Highway.

Although the Hume Freeway now offers quicker and safer travel between Sydney and Melbourne and places in between the travellers are no longer exposed to the wonderful assortment of Australia's Regional towns and communities and the rich history and cultural values on the Old Hume Highway.

A loss to travellers yes, but an even bigger loss in terms of livelihood to the towns and communities bypassed. The effect on the towns has been varied however all of the towns would be doing better if the visitors came back into their towns

The survival of these communities goes hand in hand with their financial well being. 'Old Hume Highway 31' believes that recreating the Full Length of the Old Hume Highway as a tourist destination visitors would come and stay for longer periods. Thus the journey would become the destination. Day trippers along the Freeway would be made aware of the multitude of facilities for a more pleasant break in any of the bypassed towns.

A website covering all forms of electronic communications is in the early stages of development and would offer comprehensive details of all the Old Hume Highway Facilities all in the one place.

This is just the beginning of establishing the Old Hume Highway as the major historical route in Australia.

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